PS4 decal - DBZ super saiyan Vegeta

PS4 decal - DBZ super saiyan Vegeta

  • $20.00

ps4 skin - dbz vegeta


  • Easy Installation
  • High Quality Vinyl 
  • Easily removable without leaving a sticky residue.
  • Will not Scratch, Fade or Peel. Protects from Dirt and Water.
  • Precision Cut, Access to Switches, Buttons, Faders and Knobs.
  • Makes your ps4 $20 more valuable instantly 
  • Will make your games run at 720p and 30fps
  • Make your PC elitist fans jealous (we don't want your damn 4k graphics!)
  • Resistant to giant squids (do you see any giant squids? see? it's working)



1. Take the PS4 skin sticker out from the packing and make sure the sticker is flat. If its not, flatten it under something heavy like some books or my mother in law.

2. Clean your device with soft cloth and ensure there is no dust or disgusting bodily fluids on the surface of the console (dont lie...we know what you get up to). 

3. Peel off the skin from the paper sheet and stick it on your device.


Package Contains

- 1x PS4 Console Skin

- 2x PS4 Controller Skins

- Actual console and controllers not included. you're NOT getting a ps4 and stickers for $25