Bartop Arcade Machine with 2000 games

  • $1,000.00

A custom built brand spanking new upright arcade machine!

Each one takes approx 1 week to make (each one is finished by hand and made from scratch, we cut the wood, do the installation, thoroughly test each unit...hence why it takes so long :)

Comes preloaded with 2000 classic games including your favorites like:

- sonic

- street fighter

- super mario bros

- alien vs predator

- alex kidd

- King of fighters

- mortal kombat

- batman

- star wars

- marvel vs capcom

- contra

- double dragon

- dungeons and dragons

- and many more!



- A beautiful 19 inch LCD screen 

- standard speakers

- 2000 games preloaded 

- 2 player button set installed with high quality joysticks

- Excellent quality MDF frame (light but sturdy)

- themed design costs $200 extra

- your choice of a pandora computer or a raspberry pi computer (higher end computers available for extra)

Bigger sized LCD screens are available upon request...they cost a bit more though. 

for a themed design you can basically pick any design you want, mario, DBZ, back to the future, pacman, etc - please email us for a quote

for this item please email us for a shipping quote. its a large item so it has a different shipping rate but it can be shipped to all of New zealand

we require a full payment before starting each machine. when it is done we notify the customer and we can arrange a delivery time or they can pick up free

we also have demo units available in papakura and north shore for viewing 

Includes a full 12 months warranty.

Please Read our Terms & Conditions for more information regarding cancellations.