Many many legit reviews* ... that's right totally not fake, its not like they were made up for a comedic effect representing the theme of the website... 


Donald Drumpf :

I've gotta say, a lot of people ask me about 'geek inventory'. This website...what's it about? ... well let me tell you I'm very good friends with this website and honestly it's my favourite website and together america, we're going to make this the best website ever. We'll build a wall and keep all the Mexican websites out. Bill gates runs the internet and he's a good friend of mine. So you can be assured that i'm very knowledgeable in websites.


My mother:
Hmm... its not bad. But its not know...why cant you make it like google? that's a really good website. Can you make another google? 


My infant Son:
oy dad, I've shit me-self. 


 John doe
This website is so amazing that my arms literally came off. Im typing with my feet and testicles.


Joey joe joe junior shabadoo:
I pray to this website everyday, it keeps me going. This website cured my haemorrhoids. 


 An Australian: