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You can send us an email below or contact us through facebook. We don't have a physical store since its an online store, but we welcome pickups for orders.

We do the bulk of our business at papakura, New Zealand. It's a wee little house on settlement road, and It's our family home. For pickup orders you would have to arrange a time first since we'll most likely be changing the babies diaper or mowing our ridiculous lawn which seems to grow like bamboo and unless you're ok with helping us (or providing Pizza) we'd prefer contact through email or calling first. Please don't start randomly knocking on our door at 3am demanding a pikachu plush toy. Contact us instead and have a look at all our cool stuff :D

And if you do bring a pizza we prefer chicken...and you might as well bring a bottle of orange fanta 

You can contact us about most things including help with items, orders and so on. Please don't call us with marketing offers, if you do we will literally play a soundboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming about choppers. God damn it rakesh, we don't want advertising even though we find your accent arousing!

We respond within 12-24 hours :)

Use this form below, or our email: