The Retro Event 2023 - Vendor info

This is the page with more info regarding the vendors and map layout for our 2023 event

Vendor Map:

Vendor List:
Vendor list by Table number
Name Table # What they sell
Sam mud - Respect retro games 1 Various games
Mauricio Montoya - MG Games & Stuffs 2 Games and GAMEBOY CONSOLES
Sean Breezey Wheezy 3 VHS, cassettes, records, games
Alex Lex 4 Games, toys
Evan Garret 4 Games & toys
Jill - Attic treasures 4 toys
Dave Thompson 5 LIVE BAND + retro stuff for sale
Rochelle - Retrospace 6 toy store
John Robert - RN toys 7 toys- transformers, marvel., etc
Venessa fletcher 8 Various 80s/90s toys
Instabooth 9 FREE PHOTOBOOTH - get free instant pics
Greg Hackett - K.I.T.T CAR 10 K.I.T.T car - free pictures with kit or Fee to sit inside
Phil Mathews - Delorean 10 Free pics with Delorean car
NZretro & NZAFC meetup 11 Meet up table for members, newcomers welcome
NZ Retro gaming section - Chris & Karl 11 Halo and mario kart gaming sessions, win prizes - FREE ENTRY
Anton pc boi 12 Game on older systems for FREE
Drews bad ass gaming 13 Game on consoles like nintendo and sega for FREE
Reo & Erika - Acrycade 14 Huge line of of custom ARCADE MACHINES - play for FREE
Michael Davidson. Nick Polson 15 experience vintage nintendo games, plus games for sale
Michael Miller - Trip Through Time 16 Video Games, Magic TCG, Pokémon TCG
Ben Tunnicliffe - Flashback toys 17-A Toys & comics
peter bonkovich 17-B Toys
Matt Bucky 18-A Toys
Many Yam 18-B Funkos, toys, collectibles
Craig Robertshaw 18-C Hot wheels & diecast
Keith/porky Paddy 18-D TOys and various things
John Hilario - AstroChimp 18-E warhammer, star wars, Dr.Who and more!
Paulus - ToyBox 18-F Toys
Steve Loveday 19-A TOys (G.I.Joe stuff too)
Kelly Rankin 19-B TOys
Natasha & Keith 19-C Toys, movies
Warren Ngan Woo 20-A Toys
Helen Fletcher -The Carebear Fairy 20-B CAREBEAR TOYS
Pippa - feather your nest 20-C Comics, 70s books, toys, fabric
Bram - Whitianga comics 20-D Comics
Ben & Rachael Bacon - Bacon comics 20-E Comics
Holly - Wayward Masquerade 20-F RPG dice, dice bags
Bryan Osbourne - Andrew & Bryan's Collectibles 20-G Toys, boardgamnes, Kitsets
Senio 20-H Toys
Chris parrish 21-A Toys
Andrew Lamont 21-B Anime Perfume & comics
Evan Kiddey - Dead Video 21-C Toys, games.,VHS
Yang Li - Anime Fairyland 21-D Anime, DBZ, one-piece etc
Kyle Guerrero 21-E Anime figures
Ian Lopez 21-F Toys
Doris - facepaints 22-A Face painting service - $5 each
Morgan Poi 22-B Custom T-shirts,. mugs - Official retro event merch
Alex Mak - Astand Ltd 22-C Custom wooden toys
Ben & Kate - Moon Sugar Merchant 22-D Toys, 80s/90s accessories
Xavier 23-A Toys, games, books
Phil 23-B Music CDS
Retro event charity 23-C CHARITY TABLE for Womens Refuge
Beppe/Arrol - Geek Inventory 23-D Toys, games, books
Bryan Grondin 24-A Games and collectibles
Morney Galloway 24-B Games - ps1, ps2, ps3
Jo Bacani - MJSisterzBoutique 24-C Pokemon toys, handmade stuff for fandom things
Frank Yang 24-D Games
Dan Taipua - dankest dungeon 24-E Toys, RPG books, Games
Food tables 25 FOOD TABLES, buy your food and eat here
James Dunning RPG Alley 26 RPG tabletop gaming corner - FREE