The Retro Event - Vendor info

This is the page with more info regarding the vendors and map layout for our 2024 event


The Retro Event Volume 3 - Vendors- 01-06-24
Name Table Type of stuff
CYBERNIX 1 Gaming education
Greenheart games 2 Game developer
NZRG gaming 3 Gaming section
Antonys pc gaming 4 PC Gaming
Drews & Hamish doing Gaaaaming 5 Gaming
Cursed Village Gaming 5 Gaming
Sega Rally Car 6 CAR
DeLorean Car 6 CAR
Lightning McQueen Car 6 CAR
Iron age comics 7 Comics and collectibles
Melody Wehipeihana 8 Games toys
Hibiscus tattoo 9 Tattoos, toys, games
Fletcher Stables 10 Toys
The Care Bear Fairy 11 Care Bear
Joel Fletcher 11 Toys
Sean Breezey 12 retro audio stuff, collectibles
Nostalgia Box 13 Games + Pokemon cards
Vintage NZ Kids 14 Kids clothing
IThrifts 14 Vintage Clothes
Amit Stern 15 Gaming - atari etc
Zeelicious Treats 16 assorted packed foods
Pane e vino 17 cookies and desserts
Miss Melicious 18 Cupcakes
Michael Davidson/Nick Polson 19 Games
R2x Prints 20 3D Prints
Acrycade 21 Arcade machines
Geek Inventory + Retro Event Merch 22-A Toys and games
Dead Video 22-B Toys, VHS, Games
Phil 22-C music
Senio 22-D Toys
Xavier 22-E toys
Peter Johnson 23-A pokemon, games, cards
Mobius games 23-B Games and toys
Kyle LEGO 23-C LEGO Toys
Double Rainbow treasures 23-D toys & games
RetroSpace 23-E Toys
Not for resale 23-F Games
Charity IHC 23-G charity for autism
Bryan Grondin 23-H Games
Morney Galloway 23-I Movies,games
Jason Holmes 23-J games
Warren 23-K Toys
Robot Rampage 24 Robot Wars
Alex Lex 25-A toys
Special Things NZ 25-A toys
Attic Treasure 25-A Toys, mcd stuff
Matt Bucky 25-B Toys
Flashback toys 25-C Toys
Christina Matson 25-D Toys from 90s/2000s
CASHOUT 26-A Cashout + Toys/Games
Darren price 26-B Toys
Movieworld 26-C toys + movies
Chris parrish 26-D toys
Dave Thompson 27-A stuff + band
Poison Ink 27-B t shirts
MJSisterzBoutique 27-C Handmade stuff and pokemon
KevMan 3D 27-D random assortment
Pincinc 27-E Stickers
Moon sugar merchant 27-F retro custom collectibles
Copycat art 27-G Art
nikeel vallabh 27-H croc charms
Neil Dowie & Fanch Le Borgne 27-I Retro smurfs
Rose Van 27-J Toys lot
Tipu Ngapo 27-K Toys
Pelema Taulapapa 28-A Dvds Blurays
Gyst for Kickz 28-B Custom shoes showcase
Iconik Chaos 28-C clothes art
Bibiana Benkova 28-D Facepaint
Respect retro games 28-E games
Final round 29 Final Round card game
RPG Alley 29 rpg gaming section
Rebel Legion & 501st Legion 30 Star wars
CNZ Wild adventures 31 Goblin throne
Silcrow - band 32 Live band
Cosplay show 32 cosplay show
The Fresh Rest of Bel AIr 33 Rest area for guests
Stage and screen combat school 34 Axe throwing, Gladiator games

Vendor Map: