01. custom blastoise Gameboy

  • $220.00

This is a refurbished genuine Nintendo Game Boy
the original dmg-01 gameboy

it has a custom painted pokemon shell done by the amazing pas art on facebook

    The console has been refurbished, so it plays like new, but looks new too

    As pictured, it is in excellent condition

    The console has been tested and works perfectly.

    The GB will play all original Game Boy and some Game Boy Color games.

    refurbishing a console can take many hours (each console must be striped down and each part is tested/ cleaned/ replaced until it is in perfect condition) so the price reflects this.

    we can also refurbish other consoles so let us know if you were after a particular console

    Comes with a 30 day replacement warranty (does not cover any physical damage or software faults).

    warranty can be extended to 1 year for $30, and $10 for each additional year up to 6 years