Gameboy advance SP - ags 101

Gameboy advance SP - ags 101

  • $250.00

This is a refurbished Black genuine Nintendo GBAsp ags 101 (brighter backlight)

colours available: clear (see through)

The console is be refurbished, and therefore feels very much like new.

it is in excellent condition and is complete with its battery cover, built in battery and usb charger

All buttons, conductive rubber pads, and casing have been replaced. The buttons are responsive and feel like new. an entire new screen has been fitted along with a screen protector (see picture) and its in perfect condition.The speaker has also been replaced, so there is no chance of it blowing or going faulty any time soon.

The console has been tested and works perfectly.

The GBA sp will play all original Game Boy, GBA and GameBoy Color games.

refurbishing a console can take many hours (each console must be striped down and each part is tested/ cleaned/ replaced until it is in perfect condition) so the price reflects this.

Comes with a 30 day replacement warranty (does not cover any physical damage or software faults).

warranty can be extended to 1 year for $60, and $10 for each additional year up